Hair Fair 2009

The Hair Fair this year was quite different than last year. It seems so much more laggy. I did manage to slog my way through the quicksand lag and visit a few places. It was a bit time consuming since the vendors took forever to rez and then the demo’s either wouldnt rez or took a long time too. I ended up taking most of the demo’s home and trying them on. Sometimes I tp’d back to the Hair Fair, but on several occassions I couldnt get back in so I would tp to the stores to see if the hair was available there too. Some were available in the store, some weren’t.

This cute style is by Tiny Bird called Gattina in Spun Sugar. The pack comes with 3 colors, I love having choices. I had never heard of tiny bird prior to the hair fair and was really impressed with the creativity I found. Sadly the demo was available at the store but you could only get the hair at the fair. Of couse I couldnt get back in for several days but the wait was worth it. The soda cans and bobby pins are cute.
This style is by SweetHair called Baroness. I ended up getting the demo at the Hair Fair and tp’ing to her store to make my purchases. I bought the blonde hair V1 color 01 FB. This is alot of hair, covers most of the face but it’s very sexy.

This syle is by Curio called Post Ironic Blonde. I love all the different styles that come with the pack, 4 in all with 4 different colors to chose from too. This particular cut is called Ironic 2 in White Blonde. I love the Hair band that is color changeable, light pink shown.

This is a long version, Ironic 1 in Wheat Blonde. I only showed 2 of the 4 styles. The other 2 styles are different variations of bangs. I think this hair is so cute!

This style is by ++BM++ called HeaHea Hair in Blonde. It’s very short and punky. I like the way this hair frames my face.

This is another style by SweetHair. The Hair Fair introduced me to SweetHair, I will be watching to see what this designer does in the future. I like this hair, I like the way it moves on my head. This hair is called Hannah V1 color 01 FB sort of a platinum blonde. My skin is Alice 06 Portrait skin by Laroqki.
This is also Hannah V1 color 07 FB. I like a darker blonde for the Laroqki Glow skins, this one is Kat 08 Fair. It definitely has a sexy glow the Hannah hair looks great with this skin.

This style is by my favorite hair designer in sl, Damselfly. When I saw it at the hair fair I didnt even bother to try the demo, I just purchased it in my favorite color Starfish Blonde.

I’m wearing another Laroqki skin called Blondie 07 Peach. It comes with or without freckles. I really like the blonde eyebrows on this skin and the ruby red lips. My Jewelry in this picture is from Purple Rose called Valentine Charm necklace & bracelets a gift from my partner for Valentine’s Day.

I spent alot of lindens at the Hair Fair but found some great hair and new designers to follow in the future. Hope you liked my selections at the Hair Fair. See you in world soon!

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