Lestat Reuven – Love Song for a Vampire

Love Song for a Vampire is a new release from Lestat Reuven. It’s a blood red gown in a floral brocade texture with a beautifully designed long black cape. This chilling vampiress encemble comes with an undershirt layer of bite marks on the neck. I added some fangs and a thirsty stare…. “I want to suck your blood….” Ok I’m getting carried away.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lemania/168/164/21 Gown

The long system and flexi skirts work well together, it has a ruffle that attaches to the stomach and flares out into an short ruffled apron in the back. There are 4 skirts that attach to the upper and lower legs plus the system skirt. This really gives the dress alot of movement. The cute red and black boots are included. Love Song for a Vampire is on sale, today only, for 200L. The hair in this photo is from MIEL called Blonde 2.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cupcake/231/210/37 Hair

****Click on picture for larger view****

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