Lestat Reuven – Pizazz

This dress definitely has pizazz and is appropriately named. Pizazz is a new design from Lestat Reuven today. This is a sexy outfit, it has slits in the front of the skirt, with the stockings peeking through.

Pizazz also has matching pumps with bows, so pretty. This outfit is one of the specials of the day at Lemania & Lestat’s and is 100L for 24 hours. The cornrows in this photo are very pretty and designed by Akila. The Gold Trinity Set is from the Purple Rose, it also as a belly stud not shown, the gems are color changeable.

****Click on picture for larger view****

Tp to Lemania & Lestat’s

Tp to Akila

Tp to the Purple Rose

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