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Muted Art
Every day Lemania Indigo retires one outfit and offers it for 1L in the gift section of her shop for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period is up the outfit is moved to the dressing room where it stays for the next 7 days before it’s retired forever. Muted Art is a beautiful gown from a previous hunt designed by Summer Loon, that looks like liquid silver. It has a lovely scarf, stockings and even includes the matching pumps. This outfit was retired on 9-28 so it’s already been moved to the Dressing Room where you can still pick it up for 1L.

Hopelessly Devoted
This pretty dress is called Hopelessly Devoted and it’s also from a previous hunt, designed by Summer Loon and retired on 9-29. I love this style of cocktail dress on my avatar. This dress comes with the scarf, matching pumps and a pair of earrings. This dress can also be found for 24 hours in the gift section, it’s then moved to the Dressing Room where it will remain for 7 days till its gone forever. Don’t miss either of these pretty designs 🙂

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