50L Secret Sale at Glance, 50 & 60L Sale at Donna Flora

The Luna Dress is Donna Flora’s offering for 60L Sunday. This is a very cute, low cut dress that has a system skirt, short prim skirt, shirt layer and scarf.  I added the white undershirt for modesty lol.  The hair is from Armidi called SuperPonytail in Chocolate.  The Vixen 6 inch Stiletto in Snow White are from Telsa.  The Saturn Flower Pendant & Earrings Set is from the Purple Rose, the gems are color changeable.  The skin is from the Glance 50L Secret Sale called Adriana in Gold.  This skin normally sells for 999L and will be on sale till 12-27.  There’s another skin in the store for 50L but the lag was so bad I couldnt find it.

Donna Flora 60L Dress, Armidi Hair, Purple Rose Jewelry, Telsa Vixen Stiletto, 50L Glance Skin

The Loretta Dress is on sale at Donna Flora for 50L. This is an adorable babydoll dress that includes the necklace I’m wearing.  There are some other items as you land also on sale for 50L.  I’m a big fan of Donna Flora designs.  Both of these dresses are quality construction and beautiful textures.  The Vixen 6 Inch Stiletto in Bubblegum Pink are from Telsa.  This is a very sexy shoe, one of my favorite.  Another of my favorites is this updo from Truth called Cameron in Caramel, I like the curls and loose tendrils in the back.  The skin is from Glance’s 50L Secret Sale, Adriana in Gold.  Hey it’s not such a secret anymore!

Donna Flora 60L Sunday, Truth Hair, Telsa Shoes, Glance Skins 50L Secret Sale

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