Magika 3 FREE Hairstyles for Christmas – Kouse’s Sanctum Subscribo Gift

You don’t want to miss these 3 beautiful christmas hairstyles from Magika that are available at the shop for FREE! Yes, that’s right… I picked up a fatpack of all 3 hairstyles, every single color for FREE! Thank you Sabina Gully for these gorgeous Christmas Presents!

Snow Queen is a long style with a tiny crown on the top of the head with a snowflake poofer, this hair is adorable!

FREE Christmas Hair from Magika - Snow Queen

Blinky is an updo with christmas lights that blink.  The hair sweeps across the forehead covering one eye, very sexy!

FREE Christmas Hair from Magika - Blinky

Merry Christmas has a thick bun in back with the hair cascading over both shoulders and across the brow.  This style has a christmas headband, so festive!

FREE Christmas Hair from Magika - Merry Christmas

The Hope Gown was sent out to the Kouse’s Sanctum Subscribo Group this morning for Christmas. This is a gorgeous burgandy gown with white snowflakes dotting the bodice and skirt. The Winter Faerie Tiara was included with the gown. This is such a pretty dress and tiara, thank you Kouse Singh for this wonderful Christmas Present!  The long curly red hair is from Alli&Ali called Tamarra in Fire.  The Elizabeth Heart Choker, Earrings & Bracelet Set is from the Purple Rose.  This set is special to me since it was given to me by my sl partner for my birthday.  The skin is from ROMI called Lily Tan Model Makeup 5.

Kouse's Sanctum Subscribo Christmas Gift - Hope

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