Lemania Indigo, Summer Loon & Lestat Reuven Christmas Gifties! New Donna Flora, NEW Dark Mouse, NEW Truth Hair, FREE Vignette Hair, NEW L.Fauna Skin

Lemania Indigo sent out the Christmas Sparkle gown to the group on Christmas Eve and it’s lovely.  The hair is from Vignette called Cinder in Platinum Plus.  I recently had a inventory malfunction and deleted all my beautiful updo hairstyles, ugh… I’m slowly replacing my favorites.  Right now at Vignette every hairstyle is FREE! The Eccentrica Ruby Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set is NEW from Donna Flora and so beautiful.  The skin is NEW from L.Fauna and  it’s impressive… the skin is called Lapine Eve Pale2 w/Cleavage.  This is a stunning porcelain skin that glows on my avatar.  The outline of the eye and brow is so elegant, the mouth is so alluring with deep red kissable lips.

Lemania Indigo Xmas Giftie, Vignette Hair, NEW Donna Flora Jewelry, NEW L.Fauna Lapine Skin

A gift from Summer Loon was included with the presents from Lemania. Summer’s Christmas Gift is a lovely black strapless gown. The hair is NEW from Truth called Anise in Seaspray. I’m partial to long curly hair and this hairstyle really looks good on… it has a texture change headband which makes it so versatile.  The Simple Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set is NEW from Dark Mouse.  The skin is NEW from L.Fauna, Lapine Pale2 Eve w/Cleavage. 

Summer's Christmas Gift, NEW Truth hair, NEW Dark Mouse, NEW L.Fauna Skin

The Christmas Wreath is a gift from Lestat Reuven.  This is a pretty wreath decorating my front door.  All 3 of these gifts are in the SL Diva Group Notices.   Thank you Lemania, Summer and Lestat for the lovely gifties, Merry Christmas!

Lestat Reuven Christmas Gift - Bow Wreath

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