Lemania Indigo, NEW Cake, Truth, ETD, NEW Damselfly, Purple Rose, Dryad Designs, Romi GG, NEW KA Designs, Redgrave, Letluka

Sophisticate is the DOLLARBIE at Lemania Indigo that can be found in the Money Fever Game. The hair is NEW from Cake called Faith II in Copper. The Exquisite Necklance and Earrings Set is NEW from the Purple Rose, the gems are color changeable. The skin is the GG from ROMI called Lily T Gray Red w/Red 02 w/Lip Gloss (group is closed).

Lemania Indigo DOLLARBIE, NEW Cake Hair, NEW Purple Rose, ROMI Lily Skin

I like the name of this gown, Tea Stains it describes the texture which is an interesting floral combination of golds, greens and reds. The gown is sexy plunging very low in back showing lots of skin.  The outfit includes the veil and pumps. The long flowing hair is NEW from Damselfly called Exie in Onyx Blend. The Mexican Sunset Necklace & Earrings Set is from Dryad Designs.  The Bardot Pale w/Dark Brows is new From KA Skins.

Lemania Indigo, NEW Damselfly, Dryad Designs, NEW KA Skin

The Flocked Velvet Glam gown has a velvety texture in a deep shade of violet.  The lacey skirts at the ankles compliment the long system skirt.  The fabulous retro hairstyle is from Truth called Gloria in Barley.  The Black Diamond Pearl Heart Set is from the Purple Rose, the gems are color changeable.  The Summer Pale 8 Lilac Skin is from Redgrave.

Lemania Indigo, Truth, Purple Rose, Redgrave

Black Tie Pearls has a black texture with pearls adorning the bodice and skirts. The updo is from ETD called Lorraine 2 in Blonde. The Astral Pearl & Diamond Set is from the Purple Rose, the gems are color changeable. The Estelle Skin Light Makeup 9 w/Dark Brows is from Letluka.

Lemania Indigo, ETD, Purple Rose, Letluka

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