4 NEW Truth Hairstyles!!

There’s 4 NEW Hairstyles at the Truth Hair Salon that are all must haves for any fashionista. The hair is, as always, fabulous in variety and style.  Truth Hawks is an incredible hair designer! I dont know where he gets his inspiration, but every week he manages to outdo himself, creating some of the most astounding looks on the grid. All 4 styles I’m previewing are in a shade of Blonde called Seaspray, one of my favorite colors.

Edie is so adorable, the hair pulled off the face with a braid that starts at the temple and is interwoven into the ponytail. 

NEW Truth Hair - Edie

Lillian is a delicious updo with the hair sweeping across the brow and pulled to the top of the head with lots of loose curls and tendrils.  This hair is perfect for all your formal attire.

NEW Truth Hair - Lillian

Reese is an interesting updo, the hair is pulled up and spills out all around the head, the long tendrils framing the face with lots of movement.  This is my favorite style this week because it’s such a unique look.

NEW Truth Hair - Reese

Saskia is a mid-length wavy style.  The hair is pulled off the face and pinned on top.  This is a thick head of hair with lots of movement in the flexi ends.  I really like this style too!

NEW Truth Hair - Saskia

Stop by the Truth Hair Salon and try on a demo, they’re free. Single color packs are 250L and fatpacks are 1500. You’re sure to find the perfect hair to fit your style.

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