Sneak Peek at the NEW Mashooka Fairy Skin in Ivory

The NEW Mashooka Fairy Skin in Ivory (Pre-release) is such a beautiful skin…  The face is what captures my attention, it glows and has such innocense. The skin is very realistic with nice shading at the eyes, a brown brow and luscious pink lips.

NEW Mashooka Fairy Skin (Pre-release)

The body has very realistic shading on the front and back.  I like the athletic look of this skin… there’s nice detail at the ribs, collarbone, abs and shoulder blades.  I’m anticipating the release of more makeups… thank you Aradhana Voight for this sneak peek at the new Fairy Skin in Ivory, it’s gorgeous!

Pre-Release of the Mashooka Fairy Skin in Ivory

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