NEW $GaNKeD$ Jewelry!

The delightful designs from $GaNKeD$ Jewelry are NEW for me and made me smile when I put them on.  The sets are well made with lots of intricate details.  The magnificent colors capture your attention, you’re eyes are drawn to the pieces.  The Sets are big, bold and beautiful to wear, they’ll compliment any outfit from formal to causal attire.  They also come with resizing scripts to get that perfect fit.

I like jewelry sets and I think these 3 necklaces deserve earrings 🙂 The DarkCircle Necklace is an Onyx jewel in a silver setting. The links on the chain are very interesting. The PearlBlossom Necklaces in Black & Gold are so elegant the way they drape across the chest and have pretty flower accents.

$GaNKeD$ Jewelry Necklaces

The Disco Necklace, Earrings and 2 Bracelet Set is so colorful and stunning on… I think it’s my favorite. The Mistress Necklace, 2 Bracelets & Belly Jewel Set is so appealing, the gems look like ice, they sparkle in the gold setting. The NightDance Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set has Onyx Stones with lovely facets. The RockLove Necklace and 2 Bracelets Set is perfect for Valentine’s Day and really pretty on.

$GaNKeD$ Jewelry Sets

The Bubbles Necklace & Bracelet Sets in Silver and Gold are beautiful in design with lots of minute detail on the pieces. The Adrift Necklace & 2 Bracelets Set is stunning on my avatar, the color is dazzling. And finally the Vanity Necklace, Earrings & Ring Set is so attractive on… All of these pieces are rich in detail and so well made. Thank you Misti Merryman for this look at your fabulous jewelry creations!

$GaNKeD$ Jewelry Sets

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