60L Sunday 2-14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a small sample of what’s available this week for 60L Sunday. Lois Designs is offering the Blue Allure Gown and the Blue Allure Suit each for 60L.   The gown has a lovely aqua blue texture trimmed in gold. The men’s suit has a matching tie… Daxx looks so handsome, our outfits really compliment one another.  Lois has a pair of  heels for 60L that match the gown.  The Sweeney Necklace & Earrings Set is a FREEBIE from R.A. Crystal Jewelry to celebrate the reopening of the shop. This is a beautifully designed set, the folder includes 2 necklaces, either blue or white pearls set in gold.

Lois Designs 60L Sunday, Truth, R.A. Crystal Jewelry FREEBIE, Belleza Jesse Skin

Truth Cameron Hair in Walnut
Mills Light Blue Green Eyes
Belleza Jesse Skin Sunkissed Makeup 4

The Stripey Sweater Dress in Grey is from Jazmyn D. The folder contains 2 skirts, one with a resizer script and the pretty textured tights.

Jazmyn D. 60L Sunday, NEW Truth Hair, Shiney Things, Belleza GG Alyson Skin

NEW Truth Berry Hair in Carrot w/texture changing flower.
Poetic Colors Deep Jungle Green Eyes
Redgrave Glamous Eyelashes 5
Shiney Things Nighttime Gems Necklace & Earrings Set in Black, the gems are color changeable w/11 preloaded colors.
N-Core Group Gift Ankle Boots w/Leg Warmers, the boots & warmers are color changeable. Wear group tag and boots are on table in shop.
Belleza Xmas Group Gift Alyson Skin in Pale

This dress is quite lovely from Kouse’s Sanctum called Dream Fae in Strawberry. This is a quality garment and a steal at 60L.

Kouse's Sanctum 60 L Sunday, Purangi Designs 60 L Sunday, New Fri.day Hair, Curio Skin

NEW Fri.day Marie Hair in Moody Brown, the folder includes the red flower behind the ear worn on either the nose, chin or ear.
Redgrave Megan Blue Eyes
Purangi Designs Gypsy Necklace, Earrings, 2 Bracelets & 2 Anklets 60L Sunday
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Badseed
Curio Lovely II Sundust Light Pebble 2
Luck Inc Breast Enhancers for Curio Skins

PB Collection Ardigraf Design Love Gold Necklace & Earrings Set
Rhiamon’s Realm Celtic Triquerta Hearts Necklace & Earrings Set
Puarangi Design Complete Gypsy Necklace, Earrings, 2 Bracelets, 2 Anklets, Belly Chain and Belly Jewel Set

PB Collection Ardigraf Design, Rhiamon's Realm and Puarangi Desgin 60L Sunday

Truth Edie Hair in Chestnut
Homespun Shamrock Green Eyes
Dutch Touch Sjor Cream Tone Cleopatra w/Cleavage & Hairbase
Bare Rose Ida Gypsy Dress

The Lady Endora Top Hat from Hatpins is a very elegant head covering with a velvet bow and lace trim.  The hat has a resizer script to get that perfect fit.

Hatpins 60L Sunday, Truth Hair, Curio Elf Skin

Truth Veruca 2 in Seaspray w/2 color changing hairclips
LAQ True Blue Reflective Eyes
Curio Elf Skin Sundust Light FireEngine 2

The Smokey Chic outfit is from Lemania Indigo. It has a sculpty skirt, ruffled cuffs and matching heels.

Lemania Indigo 60L Sunday, NEW Donna Flora Hair, Dryad Designs, Lelutka Eclat Skin

NEW Donna Flora Alessia Hair in Brunette
Dryad Designs Under the Sea Choker & Earrings Set
Lelutka Eclat Skin Light Tone Makeup 4 w/Hairbase

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