NEW Sascha’s Designs – Swirly Black & Houndstooth Tops & Swirly Black Formal Skirts

The Swirly Black Top and Swirly Formal Skirts are NEW from Sascha’s Designs and absolutely stunning! This is a very feminine ensemble with lots of ruffles and layers of chiffon to mix and match.  The Swirly Black Top has a very sexy shirt since it’s cut low to show off those cleavage enhanced skins.  The folder contains 3 different collars… 2 high and one ruffled.  There’s a silver belt on the jacket layer, the shirt layer is plain black and there’s also a prim belt  You get several Swirly Formal Skirt options… the long slim & sleek flexis, 3 knee length flexis, a long and short system skirt, a cocktail flexi and sculpty skirt.  The overall look of this outfit in it’s many combinations is sharp and classy.

NEW Sascha's Designs - Swirly Black Top and Swirly Black Formal Skirts

The Swirly Black Houndstooth Top and Swirly Formal Skirts compliment one another so well.  The Houndstooth pattern is a difficult one to pull off, but leave it to Sascha Frangilli to use this texture and create an updated version to this vintage style.  The overlapping double breasted jacket is a striking design coupled with the black collar and belt.  You get a houndstooth short system skirt that is very cute by itself, but the Houndstooth Top coupled with the Swirly Formal Skirts gives you a polished and smart look.  Sascha’s Designs are quality garments with close attention to minute details and are reasonably priced.  Stop by the shop, you’ll find these items on display plus a short and micro mini skirt that looks wonderful combined with the Swirly Black and Houndstooth Tops.

NEW Sascha's Designs - Swirly Black Houndstooth Top and Swirly Black Formal Skirts

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