ChiChickie February Group Gifts!

ChiChickie sends out wonderful hair gifts every single week. I’m especially fond of the Mardi Gras Masks sent out on week #2. I’m wearing them with the 60L Sunday Marilyn hair I picked up yesterday. The Cassie Western2 hair/hat combo is a real nice design and looks so good on.  Thank you Chiana Meredith for these very stylish hairdos every week 🙂

Week #1 Tabbie Love 2010 in Crimson

ChiChickie Group Gift Week #1

Week #2 Marilyn in Black 60L Sunday 2-28 with Group Gift Masks – Mardi Gras Harlequin Traditional 5 Colors & Feathered in black & White

ChiChickie 60L Sunday 2-28 & Group Gifts Week #2

Week #3 Lucas in Chestnut & Monica in Ash

ChiChickie Group Gifts Week #3

Week #4 Libby Clair 2 in Mahogany & Cassie Cap2 in Blonde

ChiChickie February Group Gift Week #4

Week #4 Cassie Western2 in Chocolate

ChiChickie Group Gift Week #4

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