TIK TOK Bunny & Leila Skins Plus Group Gifts & Accessories!

TIK TOK has some very enchanting skins that come in a variety of makeups.  The Bunny Skin comes in 3 Skintones: Pale, Tan and Dark Tan with 8 pretty Makeups, I’m wearing the Tan Skintone with Cleavage.  The folder of each skin contains a Cleavage, Non-Cleavage, Teethy and Normal Lip.  Bunny has a light brown brow, high cheek bones and very well shaped lips.  I like the various colors of the lips from bright red, pale pink to muted neutral.  The Bunny Pink Skin has attractive rosy cheeks, this skin is my favorite 🙂


The body of the Bunny Skin has some very nice illustration, although I think the cleavage is a little over shaded.  Bunny is a lovely skin moderately priced at 600L each single skin, fatpacks are 3200L for 8 makeups.

TIK TOK Bunny Tan Tone

Truth Hair Gogo in Toffee
Blacklace Simplicity Velvet Cream Bra & Panty
Kalnins Fashions Orchid Color Change Heels in White
Poetic Colors Hot Mocha Eyes
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20

Another skin at TIK TOK is Leila which comes in 4 Skintones: Fair, Pale, Tan and Dark.  The folder of each skin contains 4 versions: Freckles, Non-Freckles, Cleavage and Non-Cleavage.  I’m showing the Pale Skintone with Freckles which comes with 5 Makeups.  I really like the face on Leila, she  has a softer, happier face.  I like the slight freckling and neutral brow that looks good with both fair or dark hair.  The lip colors are pale pink to neutral on well-proportioned lips.  The eye shadow on Seeing Spots is unique and wish there was a skin with either bold green or pink shadow on both eyes.


The body of the Leila Skin is very similar to Bunny, except the cleavage shading is perfect on the Pale Tone.  Overall Leila is a very attractive and charming skin.  Single skin packs are 600L with the fatpack of 5 makeups costing 1700L

TIK TOK Leila Pale Tone

::::69:::: Hair Chrome in Platinum Plus
Insolence Leslie Lavender Bra & Panty
Tesla Vixen 6 Inch Stiletto in Black

TIK TOK has several Group Gifts in the store of both the Bunny and Leila Skins in special makeups.

TIK TOK Group Gifts

I’m so impressed by Miah McAuley‘s creativity in sl.  Besides making skins she also designs jewelry.  The TIK TOK Accessories are very endearing, I especially like the Colorful Flowers worn on the mouth and the Black Beaded Necklaces in Silver.  Thank you Miah for this look at your lovely skins and jewelry 🙂

TIK TOK Accessories

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