NEW LAQ Skin Julie!

Who could resist this face? I certainly couldn’t 🙂


It’s been ages since I purchased a skin from Laqroki. When I was a noob, all I wore was the LAQ portrait skins.  They’re all buried in my inventory and covered in cobwebs.  I’ve tried on demos of some of the other glow skin releases from LAQ but none of them captured my interest like this skin.   Julie has a fresh face with lots of freckles and also includes a redheaded hairbase.  I have to admit to being partial to redheads and was smitten as soon as I saw a picture.  I particularly like the numerous lip colors and assorted eyeshadows.   This is a beautiful face, the freckles sprinkling the bridge of the nose are done very well, she has a perfect eyebrow.  The lips are well proportioned, the lipsticks are all shaded beautifully.   Julie has a very sexy pout and is probably spoiled rotten 🙂

LAQ Jullie ALL Makeups

The skintone and texture are both so realistic, all I can say is WOW… this skin is breathtaking. They’re very reasonably priced too, 10 skins for 2000L. I don’t mind putting out that kind of cash as long as the makeups are varied and interesting like this set.  Bravo Mallory Cowen for a job well done!

LAQ Julie Makeup 6

LAQ Cleavage Enhancer for Peachtone Skins
Truth Hair Makenzie in Copper
Poetic Color Gold Flake Olivine Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
BabyDoll Pink Hearts Lingerie (includes shoes) ALL PINK LINGERIE is 50% off until 5-24

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