NEW JeSyLiLO Josie Skin!

I had never heard of JeSyLiLO Skins till Lilo Glom dropped her newest skin Josie on me.  Josie comes in 4 tones: light, tan, burn and dark. Each single skin pack contains 2 skins, with or without cleavage. I like this option of getting a cleavaged skin on a separate skin. This is a pretty face with a nicely drawn eyebrow and shapely well proportioned lips.  She has high cheek bones and rosy cheeks.  All the lipsticks on the Josie skin are a variation of a nuetral pink shade, I’m missing a red lip which is my favorite 🙂  The freckled face is very cute with a girl next door sweetness.  I’m not a fan of the runny eyeliner, I prefer lots of color on the eyes.

JeSyLiLO Josie Light All Makeups

The Josie Body has nice shading on the cleavaged skin giving the breasts that pushed up sexy appearance.  I like the shading on the back at the shoulderblades and buttocks.  My only issue with this skin are the numerous seams at the neck, waist, ankles and legs.  Also the hands are overshaded making them look dirty.  With a bit of work on the seams and shading this skin could be fabulous!

JeSyLiLO Josie Body

This is a view of both the Light and Dark Tones side by side.  The Josie Skin is a bit overpriced considering the seams all over the place.  Demos of all JeSyLiLO Skins are 1L.  A single skinpack of Josie is 1000L and a fatpack of all 8 makeups is 4000L.

JeSyLiLO Josie Light & Dark Tones

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