BehaviorBody Just Pose Me HUD

The new Just Pose Me HUD from BehaviorBody can be purchased with pre-loaded poses or empty, so you can add your own. This HUD is very easy to use and holds up to 20 poses or animations. You simply wear it and choose the desired pose from the number keys that appear at the top of your screen.  The picture below shows some of the poses from the pre-loaded HUD.  I really like how well my long hair photographed.  If you purchase the Just Pose Me HUD empty, it comes with detailed instructions on how to add your own poses. There’s also a video tutorial you can watch for assistance HERE.  Stop by the shop and demo the poses.  While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up the FREEBIE new generation poses in the doorway 🙂

BehaviorBody Just Pose Me HUD

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