NEW ROMI RJ1 Skin Tone 3 Fatpacks 4 & 5

ROMI has a NEW skin in the shop called RJ1 that comes in 4 skintones with 30 makeups sold individually or in bundles of 5. Romi Juliesse was kind enough to drop two small fatpacks on me, numbers 4 & 5 which included a shape and eyebrows when the original 2 skins I purchased would not rez and had to be replaced.  I was very pleased with the customer service I received and the extra skins were a nice gesture.  What struck me first about RJ1 is the charm and character of her face. The makeups are truly unique with a wonderful assortment of bold eyeshadows and brilliantly shaded lipsticks.  RJ1 has a subtle freckling on the face with an ample brown brow, rosy cheeks and a shapely mouth.

The body of RJ1 is nicely outlined with a soft feminine belly and curvy buttock.  I do have an issue with the shape of nipples on the skins, these need to be improved.  Although it’s interesting to note, the nipples on the 5 enhanced cleavages which cost an extra 100L are perfect.  I wish ALL skinmakers would put their pushup bustlines on a skin instead of a separate shirt layer.  It would make wearing a bathing suit and lingerie so much easier 🙂 

RJ1 comes with 3 skins in each folder of different lips: dry, matte or moist.  I think this is an interesting concept.  The chapped/dried lips would be cool in the winter.  The ROMI Skins are moderately priced at 800L for a single makeup.  A small fatpack of 5 makeups is 2990L. 

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