Aphrodite The Goddess of Love

Her name is Aphrodite and she’s stunning!

The Unique MEGASTORE for skins and shapes is a new shop for me, and boy was I amazed at the numerous skins on display. I was like a kid in a candy store, trying on demos, each skin more lovlier than the last.  Aphrodite 2G made me pause, cause she’s a true beauty.  She comes in 4 tones: A1 through A4 with 12 makeups.   There’s also a tone A5 with blonde brows.  Each makeup comes with 2 skins: normal and enhanced cleavage.  Below are all 12 makeups in tone A2.  The eyebrows are nicely drawn, not too bushy or thin.  The eyes have subtle eyeliner with long lashes and bright, colorful eyeshadows.  She has a pert nose with high cheekbones and excellent shading around the mouth.  The lip colors are so vivid, Aphrodite has the best selection of lipsticks with every possible color represented.  Her mouth is very saucy, I really like the glistening lower lip. 

Aphrodite is truly the goddess of love with a body to match.  The skin texture has slight blemishing throughout giving it a very realistic look.  The shading on the abs, clavical, backbone and buttocks is done very well.  What more can I say, this skin is perfection.  Bravo to Nany Merlin for giving us the cleavage on a skin.  The Aphrodite skin costs 1499L for a single makeup.  A fatpack of all 12 makeups will run you 4999L.  There’s a 1/2 price sale happening right now on selected Aphrodite skins. If you like her, try on a demo and check out the sale.

Aphrodite A1 thru A4 Tones

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