4 NEW Hairstyles at Truth!

I look forward to the new hair releases at Truth and this week the looks are exceptional. There’s a nice variety, with two long styles, a ponytail and a short cut. All four hairs have a 22 streak option plus the standard version. I really like this streaking option, since it completely changes the look.  First up is Rylan, a long hairstyle with bangs that swoop across the forehead.  The thick hair is fastened on top with pins, it cascades down the back and stops just above the waist.

NEW Truth Hair - Rylan

Rylan 2 is a variation of the previous style. The hair is pulled off the face, pinned on top and drapes over both shoulders and down the back.

NEW Truth Hair - Rylan 2

Layla is a cute ponytail hairdo, the bangs are pulled to the right and pinned.  Both ponytails are thick and full with lots of flexi movement on the ends.  

NEW Truth Hair - Layla

The final NEW hairstyle is called Kalista. This is a cute short hairdo that has a dual streaking option plus your standard version.  Stop by the shop and try on a demo, they’re free.  Single color packs are 250L and fatpacks are 1500L.

NEW Truth Hair - Kalista

NEW Truth Hair in Almond
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LP Design Alyosha Dress in Red
Lacie Cakes Fairy Dust Long Necklace in Red w/HUD to colorchange the metals & particle effects Xstreet 249L

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