Unique MEGASTORE Polly Skin!

Pollyis a NEW skin from the Unique MEGASTORE, and if you demo her, I’m sure you’ll agree, this face is exceptional.


I didn’t think Nany Merlin could top the Jolie skin, but Polly is stunning. She’s very similar to Jolie but her skintone is lighter and she has different makeups. Each individual skin folder contains a pair of eyes and 4 skins: hairbase and bald with cleavage versions for each.  The eyeshadows are very glamorous with a wonderful assortment of color.  The lipsticks are all shaded to perfection, Polly has luscious, very kissable lips.  The couture makeups are so charming, I particularly favor makeup 8, the cheeks resemble a strawberry.  There’s 2 very lovely open mouth skins, the exposed teeth are understated giving her a sexy pout.

The skintone is creamy smooth and glows. Polly has a soft feminine belly, it’s not over shaded at all and looks very natural. The illustration and highlighting on the clavical, shoulderblades, knees and elbows are all done expertly. This is a beautiful skin rich in detail.  A single makeup is 1499L, a bit expensive but you get quality workmanship.  The best bargain comes in the fatpack of all 12 makeups for 4999L.


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