Monthly Archives: August 2010

[GOS] Platform Pumps in Black XStreet Special

The [Gos] Platform Pumps are scripted for size and also to show/hide the ankle strap. The pumps can be purchased in world for 295L in 8 other colors, but the black pumps are being offered on XStreet for a limited time at 100L. Don’t miss this sexy shoe!

Cilian’gel Spirit Gypsy Hunt Prizes

Cilian’gel Boutique has an outfit for both the guys and gals in the Spirit Gypsy Hunt which runs from September 1st through the 31st. The hunt object that you’re searching for is a crystal ball.  This is a fun way to spend time with your significant other and the costumes are cute.   Good luck hunting!  League Taylor Suntan HotPink w/Hairbase & Cleavage Damselfly […]

Outrage! NEWNESS & Subscribo Gift

Turning Trixie is a NEW sexy slip dress from Outrage! that’s available in either black or white and includes all layers. NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 3 & NEW Red Tatoo Layer Eyebrows NEW Damselfly Hair Posy in Cinnamon NEW L.Fauna Charm Eyes Green4 Redgrave Glamor Eyelashes 5 NEW Donna Flora ALAIR Necklace […]

International Affair, Back To School, Hunt for RP & What’s Your Sign Hunt Gifts from Lemania Indigo

Lemania Indigo has several hunts happening right now on her sim. I’m spotlighting 4 of the gifts she is offering, if you can find them. Be sure to check the Hunt Wall to see what the hunt object is and for tips and clues. First up is the Melting Pot USA dress which is for […]

Hudson’s Clothing Co FREEBIE, Lucky Board & Newness… Plus NEW Dutch Touch VIP Group Gift!

Hudson’s Clothing Co has a very sexy FREEBIE in the shop called the Beaded Showgirl that has a sparkling texture and lots of feathers. This outfit can be found on the wall by the teleporter, it has a red ribbon on the picture.  If you don’t have the Beaded Showgirl you need it 🙂  The Showgirl […]

NEW Tess2 from LAQ

I’m wearing the new skin release from Laqroki called Tess2. There are 10 makeups for Tess2 that are exactly what we’ve all come to expect from LAQ.  This face is fresh and clean, with a dark brownish/red brow and perfectly proportioned lips.  The 10 lipsticks are done well with a nice variety of color.  The Tess2 body […]

TIK TOK Tatoo Layer Eyeshadows & Skin Burner

TIK TOK has some very cute makeups in the shop and a skin burner or tanner.  Both are on the 2.0 tatoo layer.  I only photographed a small number of them, there’s 22 unique eyeshadows in the fatpack for 350L.  They enhance the eyes on whatever skin you’re wearing.  Below is a picture before and after tanning. 

Chantkare Gift… Plus NEW KHUSH & EarthStones!

Chantkare sent out the Floral Ballet shoes in brown this morning.  This is Applonia Criss’ first shoe.  I think she did a wonderful job too!  Thank you Applonia for the gift! The Tara and Nora shirts are NEW from KHUSH and very cute.  The strapless tops are two tone with a solid black in the front front and several different prints in the […]