LoQ Hair at the Hair Fair!

This is a quick Hair Fair post spotlighting 2 styles from LoQ Hair. I saw these 2 wigs on the feeds and I had to have them. I managed to get into Hair Fair in the wee hours this morning. The lag was still tremendous and it took forever for things to rez.  I picked up these two wigs and logged off for the night.  It was worth waiting to get in since I really like this side ponytail called Cafe Mistro in mocha.

LoQ Hair - Cafe Mistro in Mocha

Turkish Coffee in sienna is another cute ponytail.  I look like the girl next door.  I wont give up trying to get into the Hair Fair since there’s several more wigs that I NEED 🙂 wish me luck!

LoQ Hair - Turkish Coffee in Sienna

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