Truth Hair – Project UNICEF & Newness!

Project Donate was founded by Truth Hawks in the hopes of gathering the Second Life community to help make a difference in the lives of people in need. All proceeds from the event are being donated to UNICEF.  

Aloha is a long full style with curly ends. This hair frames the face and will complement anyone wearing it. What’s really cool is you get ALL 55 COLORS for 500L. The hair comes with the standard version and one with split attachment points so the hair won’t sink into your chest.  You NEED this hair and it’s for a good cause.  Taxi directly to the hair 🙂 

NEW Truth Hair Project UNICEF - Aloha All Colors 500L!

All the NEW styles available at Truth this week are truly amazing. First up is Miranda streaked in carrot & walnut. This is a very sexy look. The hair is pulled up into a mass of curls with the long wavy ends draping down the back and over the shoulder.

NEW Truth Hair - Miranda Streaked in Carot & Walnut

Orchid in sand & toffee comes with 2 wigs, one plain the other with an orchid.  The orchid, by the way, doesn’t color change.  This is a sleek and sexy updo that will look perfect with your formal attire. 

NEW Truth Hair - Orchid in Sand & Toffee

Cindy streaked in almond & sahara is a pretty style pulled up on the sides into a thick partial ponytail with the rest of the straight hair flowing down the back and over the shoulder.   

NEW Truth Hair - Cindy Streaked in Almond & Sahara

Janelle in chestnut & dawn is another very sexy style.  This is another hair design with split attachment points so the hair doesn’t sink into your chest

NEW Truth Hair - Janelle in Chestnut & Dawn

Jersey streaked in fudge & strawberry has a tiara with gems that are scripted for color and on/off.  I like the way this hair falls over both shoulders. 

NEW Truth Hair - Jersey Streaked in Fudge & Strawberry

Last but not least is Raquel in honey & java.  This hair is a sassy curly bob, that has lots of movement on the ends.  All demos at Truth are free.  Single color packs are 250L and fatpacks cost 1500L. 

NEW Truth Hair - Raquel in Honey & Java


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