More Hair Fair Favorites!

I don’t have much time lately to blog, let alone be in second life, since I’m working 12-16 hour days at my real life job. I did manage to squeeze in another trip to the Hair Fair yesterday. Here’s a look at a few of my favorite hairs. I’m a big fan of this curly bob called Mojito in red2 from Miel. This hair reminds me of Shirley Temple and would look good on a kid avatar. You get 5 shades of red in the pack. 

NEW Miel Hair - Mojito in Red 2


Alex in coffee brown is from Oh Hair. This is a lovely updo that looks fabulous with a hairbase skin. 

NEW Oh Hair - Alex in Coffee Brown


Cara in Ginger Red is from Sparkle Skye Design. I like the tiny white flowers sprinkled throughout the hair.  The hair includes 3 shades of red and is perfect wedding hair. 

NEW Sparkle Skye Design - Cara in Ginger Red


I saw the Goodie Bag hair called Eliza on the feeds from Rezlpsa Loc and I needed it. I liked the freebie so much I bought the Eliza Morning Pack which includes 4 shades of red. This hair is so adorable especially this orangey color called 8AM.  Dont miss the Goodie Bag! 

NEW Rezlpsa Loc Hair - Liza 8am


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