More Fashion Freaks Hunt2… Gifts from Acide, Digital Eyes, Sonic Death Monkey, DresseR, Shush, Quirky Designs, 22769, auTre & Boof

The Fashions Freak Hunt2 runs till the middle of October.  This gives you plenty of time to hunt these gifts down.  First up is the Unknown Mouth Piercing from [Acide!].  The folder contains the Chained Belt that I’m wearing and the pierceing for both the guys or gals. The Fayandria Brown Ponytail is the gift from Digital Eyes.  The Invortion String Top is from Sonic Death Monkey and includes 4 different prim bottoms.  The cute Heart Stickers makeup V2 tatoo layer is from [:DresseR!].  The gift includes a black or red heart tatoo for your cheek.

Fashion Freaks Hunt2 - Invortion Top, Chain Belt & Face Piercing, Heart Face Tatoo, Fayandria Brown Ponytail

The turtle neck Knit Dress from .:Shush:. has a very pretty white and blue sweater texure.  The gift from Quirky Designs is the high waisted pant set called Papaya.  The Autumn Pant Set is from 22769 Casual Couture that includes all layers and has prim cuffs for both the pants and shirt.  The final adorable dress is from auTre called Ice Queen.  All 4 of these hunt gifts are really nice dont miss them!

Fashion Freaks Hunt2 - Knit Dress, Papaya Outfit, Autumn Pant Set & Ice Queen Dress

Finally, the Boof Show Splitta is an outfit for both the guys and gals that has balloon pants, cuffed sleeves, a hat and cane.  The Dancing Stage is definitely a fun and freaky gift.  Have fun with it!

Boof Sideshow Splitta & Dancing Stage for the FFH2


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