NEW Lestat Reuven 100L Specials!

Lestat Reuven has 2 beautifully designed gowns in the shop at a special price of 100L for 24 hours. Siss Boom-Inspired comes with 2 gauzy flexi skirts, worn together, that move like liquid.  The dress includes a large sunflower on the chest, prim cuffs and a flowered headband. 

Siss Boom-Inspired

Siss Boom Notorious is a sexy strapless gown that includes the couture hat, flowered bustle and lace trim on the system skirt.  Both of these ensembles are stunning and a steal at 100L each!

Siss Boom Notorious

LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Makeup 8&2, Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
NEW Elikapeka Tiramisu Hair Rumor in Brown 02 (available on XStreet only)
NEW Donna Flora AIME Earrings & MARTINA Necklace & Earrings Set both w/HUD to color change gems

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