NEW IrEn Anastasia Skin!

I’m wearing Anastasia, the beautiful new face from IrEn!

Anastasia is a dainty confection in a lollipop dress yearning to be someones halloween treat…  Want some MAN candy?????? 

Each Anastasia tone comes with 2 skins: basic and freckled.  You get 17 V2 tatoo layers: 7 makeups, blush, 2 sets of teeth, lipgloss, 4 different dimples and 2 flowered body tatoos all for 1200L.  The variety of the tatoo makeup is really nice and the best part is they work well with other skins too.  I really like customizing my own look using the tatoo layer.

The Anastasia skin is drawn really well with wonderful shading and muscle definition.  I especially like the flowered body tatoo which covers the shoulders, stomach, backside and upper thigh.  Overall this is a lovely skin release.  Thank you Irischka Hotshot for this look at your newest creation.

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Violet Voltaire Lollipop Guild Set in Rainbow

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