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NEW Orion Sweaters & Styligion Inc Leena Jeans!

The NEW Orion Sweaters are unisex! All the prim parts are scripted for size so they can be fitted to either a large guy or a petite gal. The folder contains a v-neck sweater in all layers with sleeves rolled either up or down. I like the cowl neck the best! The sweaters cost $L75 each […]

Boom Skirts & Thermal Tops!

The Boom Love Me Tweed Skirts are constructed really well and come in 12 vivid colors. I’m wearing Beige. The sash is scripted for 14 texture changes which makes the skirt quite versatile. The folder contains a top skirt plus an attachment for each leg that meshes well when walking. The skirts are priced very […]

Amperlope Prim Eyelashes

The Amperlope Prim Eyelashes are very affordable at $L40 a pair. The fatpack of all 3 pair of eyelashes is $L100. The lashes include an alpha layer to hide your system lashes.  I like the bold, couture look.

IrEn’s Amily & Angie Skins!

I’m wearing Amily one of the new skins from IrEn.  I really like this skin on my own shape. The Amily & Angie skins each include a unique shape and come in 5 skintones: fair, glow, pale, tan and tanned.  Amily has a very young girlish face.  Angie has a more mature look about her. I photographed […]

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth released two long over the shoulder hairstyles that will look fabulous with all your holiday gowns and costumes.  Both new hairs come with the standard wig and one that streaks in 63 colors.  Gwyneth is a full thick head of hair pulled over the left shoulder and streaming over the chest.  This hair includes a texture […]

NEW Release At Angelwing… Plus Mini Hunt!

Angelwing has a new dress in the shop that’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  The dress comes in three versions: Fallen Angel, Christmas Angel or Dark Angel. The ornate skirts have fluid movement with prim flowers across the bodice.  The dress also includes puff sleeves, wings and a hair wreath. There’s a mini hunt going on […]

Lemania Indigo Specials For 11-26!

The Noel dress is the Lemania Weekend Special for $L10!  This is a strapless gown with a low cut black bodice that includes the matching shoes. NEW Lelutka Mila Walnut Makeup 4 w/Cleavage & Lesia Tatoo Brown Eyebrow Damselfly Hair Helinka in Ginger Curio Tragic Grass Eyes NEW Donna Flora LUCILLA Necklace, Earrings & Ring […]


Rhea Newall’s Turkey Showgirl at SLMarketPlace