Amanda’s Fashion – SweetDeb Birthday Dress 10L!

I’m a fortunate girl in sl because I have so many wonderful designer friends like Amandajohanna Nordenskiold of Amanda’s Fashion who is helping me celebrate my rl birthday today with a dress named after me and sold at a discount so everyone can afford one.  Check out her blog here. The SweetDeb Birthday Dress is flirty and fun, it has a silver butterfly pattern embossed on the black fabric.  This dress is worth so much more than 10L!  Thank you Amanda for torturing the skirt prim so perfectly and creating a wonderful birthday present!  I’m also wearing the Birthday Butterfly Necklace from Penny Raleigh of Pen’s Gems that’s only 1L till midnight tonight.  Don’t miss my birthday presents 🙂

Amanda's Fashion - SweetDeb Birthday Dress!

NEW League Amanda Suntan Skin Peacock w/Cleavage
Damselfly Hair Rayvenel in Ginger Cool
Poetic Colors Summer Storm Eyes
NEW N-Core Pumps in Gray


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