Jolie Version2!

I’m wearing Jolie, the new and improved face from Dutch Touch!

The original release of Jolie last year was one of my all time favorite skins. I was intrigued when I heard that the updated skin had a nose job, sleek new body and tatoo lipsticks. I fell in love with this face all over again when I tried on some demos. I purchased the Cocoa VIP Fatpack which includes: 15 unique makeups, 23 tatoo lipsticks, 12 separate tatoo hairbases in all colors, pubic hair on the panty and pant clothing layers plus one on the tatoo layer, tatoo beautymarks, freckles & moles, and 2 eyelashes. The most prominent feature on this face is the eyebrow which is drawn really well, highlighting the individual hair filaments. Jolie has good facial structure with nice shading at the cheeks and jawline. The lips are well proportioned and very sexy. I’m crazy about the 23 tatoo layer lipsticks which work well with other skins. The assorted eyeshadow and dark eyeliners are lovely with natural hues in green, blue and black, there’s even a yellow. Check out all 15 makeups below.

Jolie is so darn sexy, the illustration is perfection.   She has realistic shading at the cleavage, backbone and curvy buttocks.  I like that she’s not overly muscled, but soft and feminine.  The one issue I had with this skin is the blonde eyebrow skin has a black hairbase, this to me is useless.  There is a blonde tatoo hairbase which somewhat makes up for this flaw.  Pricewise, I think this skin is reasonably priced considering all the extras you get, with a single makeup costing $L1,000.   If you’re a VIP Group Member, the cost of the 15 skin fatpack is discounted to $L3,750.  For non-group members the price is $L6,750!  It pays to be in the group.  There is a $L250 fee to join the VIP group which will entitle you to periodic free skins, discounts and update notices.   

Paste this into local chat, click the link and pay the fee to join the Dutch Touch Group: secondlife:///app/group/b8379bec-4b55-5e3a-322b-e7ce7b842c10/about

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