Cilian’gel Boutique!

Cilian’gel Boutique has a bunch of new goodies in the shop that are really well made.  I’m a big fan of this designer, Cilia Shepherd! First up is the Got Birds? outfit.  This is a sexy slip dress that includes the feathered bird in your hair. This outfit is only $L10 and can be found on the Christmas Shopping Cart in the main shop.

Cilian'gel's Got Birds

The Cilian’gel’s Group Gift Got Kitties? can be founds at the Temple Valefar.   There’s a 10L fee to join the Cilian’gel Group but the gifts are always nice.  Copy & paste the highlighted portion of this line into local chat, then click on the link, pay the fee and join the Cilian’gel Group:  secondlife:///app/group/fc1bfc91-cdc8-59e7-18e4-81fb158e6d89/about

Cilian'gel's Got Kitties

On the Christmas Shopping Cart in the main shop you’ll also find the Got Scent? outfit.  This is a Christmas present and adorable.  The dress comes with a green or pink long skirt and a babydoll skirt, both worn over very sexy ribboned underwear. Thank you Cilia 🙂

Cilian'gel's Got Scent

Finally, the last item I want to show you is the Nightmare Before Christmas Hunt gift.  In this hunt you’re looking for a Christmas Ball with Jack’s face drawn on it.  Inside you’ll find a frilly gown with lots of detail for the ladies and a pinstripe suit for the guys with a matching top hat.  Good luck hunting!

Cilian'gel's NightMare Before Christmas Hunt Gifts!

NEW Belleza Group Gift Erika in Suntun – 250L fee to join this group: secondlife:///app/group/dbfaea2b-d5ea-05ad-fb24-5de78aa830d1/about
LOGO Eternnity Skin Ryan Umber w/Brown Stubble
NEW Truth Hair Francesca2 in Latte & Jason in Expresso


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