IrEn’s Jordan

I’m wearing Jordan, the sweet new face from ::::IrEn::::

Jordan comes in 6 tones, I’m wearing the glow tone.  I’m also wearing the IrEn Amily shape which was included with that skin, although I modified the body quite a bit. I like the youthful face on this shape and it seems to complement the Jordan skin nicely. What’s new in this skin release are dimples instead of teeth and a red tatoo layer lipstick. The dimples are cute, I like them alot more than teeth. I have to admit to being disappointed with the lip on the basic skins and also on the tatoo red lipstick. The basic skin lips look chapped and there’s blemishes across the bottom lip. The tatoo red lip color has the same blemishes and doesn’t cover the upper lip completely. There’s also a squiggly line in the left corner of the mouth that shouldn’t be there. I like the tatoo makeups included with Jordan, you get 6 colorful shadows and a really fine eyeliner. All of the tatoo makeups can be worn with other skins as well.

The Jordan body is like previous skin releases, there’s nice highlights and shading overall, especially at the tummy.  Pricewise, this skin is very affordable.  You get a lot of extras like freckles, cleavage, 7 makeups, red lip gloss and dimples all for $L800.  The Jordan shape is extra on this skin release costing $L150 for no-modify and $L350 for one that’s modifiable.

Jordan Body

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