NEW Truth Hair 12-17!

Truth has several fabulous new styles in the shop, two new ones today and two from last week.  All of the hairs include the standard wig and one that streaks.  Ramona in fudge has long flowing tresses cascading over both shoulders.  A color change hairband and lots of movement on the wavy ends makes this a ‘must have’ look.

NEW Truth Hair - Ramona in Fudge

Quinn in golden is an adorable ponytail high up on the left side of the head that includes hairbands scripted to color change.

NEW Truth Hair - Quinn in Golden

The next two hairstyles were released last week.  Emily in champagne has 2 twisted ponytails with color change bands and bangs that fringe the forehaad.  I really like this hairstyle alot!

NEW Truth Hair - Emily in Champagne

Adriana in carob is another twisted ponytail, this one pulled over the left shoulder and fastened with a color change band.  I like the loose casual look of this style.  Stop by the shop and try on a demo, they’re free.  Single color packs cost $L250 and a fatpack of all colors costs $L1500.

NEW Truth Hair - Adriana in Carob


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  1. Posted December 18, 2010 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    I’m completely obsessed with TRUTH hair. :-\

    I need hair rehab.


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