My Precious Agnes Finney VIP Group Discounted Dresses!

My Precious Agnes Finney has 2 gowns discounted for VIP Group members.   The 3rd Anniversary 1 gown has a sparkly lavender texture.  The outfit includes the fur collar and delicate wings.  This gown costs $L10.  The other discounted dress is the My Precious Queen Anniversary gown which comes in a black and white fabric and includes a resizable shawl.  This gown costs $L100.  Both dresses can only be purchased for the discounted price if you’re a member of the VIP Group and wear your tag.  It costs $L100 to join the group… Paste the highlighted portion of this line into local chat, click the link and pay the fee to join the My Precious Agnes Finney Group: secondlife:///app/group/ae2ea40a-43b4-43d6-ae51-424bee7c0b08/about

IMAGEN Mire Este Rita
FREE Vignette Hair Cinder in Platinum Plus
Amacci Real Eyes in Golden Green
Alienbear Jewelry Double Strand White & Black Pearls Necklace & Earrings Sets (on the discount table for $L20 each)

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