NEW Baby Monkey Shoes!

Baby Monkey has a bunch of new shoe releases in the shop.  Here are three pair that I’m absolutely crazy about. The red Ultimate Madden Pumps are very affordable at $L100 a pair or $L800 for the fatpack of 12 colors.  They come with toe rings, scripted to match your skin color and toe nail polishes.  The gold Milana Pumps are another affordable shoe at $L100 a pair or $L700 for the fatpack of 10 colors.  I really like the sleek design and tiny bows on top.  Finally, the Audrey Pumps are scripted for color change.  Each pair contains 9 colors for $L150.  The fatpack of all 36 colors is only $L500!  You need to stop by the shop and try on some demos since they’re free.  I’m sure you’ll find a pair of shoes to fit your style at a very affordable price!

Baby Monkey Shoes


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