NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has three fabulous new hairs in the shop that all have color change barrettes scripted with 17 colors and include an OFF option. I’m a big fan of the split attachment points you get with the longer Truth styles which keeps the hair from sinking into your chest when you’re moving. Other designer long hair doesnt work for me anymore, Truth has spoiled me 🙂  The first hair I want to show you is called Ava.  This is a long straight style that cascasdes over both shoulders and partially down the back.  The ‘upper’ Ava hair looks good without the ‘lower’ attached, it’s like getting three styles for the price of one. 

NEW Truth Hair - Ava in Barley

Courtney is a cute bob with wavy ends.  This look is very sexy with one eye partially covered.  Like all Truth hair, there’s lots of movement on the ends.

NEW Truth Hair - Courtney in Champagne

Mariska is another style with split attachment points.  This is a messy pigtail pulled over the right shoulder with lots of wavy loose tendrils all around.  Demos at Truth are always free, single color packs costs $L250 and a fatpack of all colors is $L1500.

NEW Truth Hair - Mariska in Sahara

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