Fashion For Life Featuring FAB PONY!

Tatianna Faulkes of FAB PONY selected four of her brand’s top sellers for the donation vendors at the Fashion For Life event.  The proceeds from any one of these beautifully designed garments would make a fabulous gift to the American Cancer Society. The first item I want to show you is the Sparkle Skirt in magenta.  I love how this skirt shimmers.  The Chloe Jeans in charcoal come with prim flared legs that fit perfectly.  Both the skirt and jeans look faboulous with the Striped Tank in white.  The Own The Night mini dress has a funky pink and black texture with prim sleeves.  This sexy dress has a pretty shimmer too.  The last item I’m showing from FAB PONY is the Gatcha.  The Fantasy60 Earrings come in six brilliant colors or a three-color pack.  Keep in mind there’s another donation and a hunt item not shown.  Visit the Fashion For Life event today and help support this very worthy cause 🙂

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Sweetheart Pure 2
NEW Eolande Hair Dawn in Honey
LAQ Dazzling Green Eyes
Baby Monkey Surrey Boots in Black

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