NEW Curio’s May From The Skin & Shape Expo!

I’m wearing May the lovely new face from Curio available at the Skin & Shape Expo!

The May collection comes in five tones: Bean, Petal, Sundust, Moonbeam and Acorn.  Every skintone contains six spring-like makeups with two versions each.  The makeups are soft and sweet with subtly shaded eyelids and pale or neutral lip colors.  The eye makeups are varied, there’s a look here to please everyone.  The names are cute and fit the adorable faces… Apple Blossom, Blackbird, Bloom, Hydrangea and Lilac.  My two favorites are the dark lipstick on Apple Blossom 2, and the vivid eyeshadow on Bloom 2.

May has an incredible body! Like all Curio skins she has a rich texture with excellent hightlights and shading. The detail at her chest, back and especially her curvy buttocks is truly phenomenal.  An individual makeup consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions for each or 8 skins and costs $L1000 ($4.00 USD). An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500 ($6.00 USD). The fatpack has been replaced with a megapack, which is your best value and contains every single makeup, 240 skins for $L3000 ($12.00 USD).

Truth Hair Karen
Mimikri Starlet Bikini in Pearl

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