NEW CheerNo Femme Emilia!

I’m wearing Emilia, the brilliant new skin release from CheerNo Femme.

Emilia comes in 6 skintones: Fair, Pale, Light, Sunkissed, Tan & Dark Tan, with 20 tattoo eyeshadow and 15 tattoo lipsticks sold separately.  The base skin is absolutely stunning with a finely drawn eyebrow, high cheekbones and a heart-shaped mouth.  The tatoo eyeshadow is a wonderful collection that encompasses every look from daily wear makeups to bold evening couture looks.  The lipsticks complement Emilia’s perfectly drawn, kissable mouth perfectly.  Below is a small sample of the makeups available.

Emilia has a creamy glowing skintone, a soft feminine belly and a round curvy buttocks, she’s definitely a 10.  The tanned Emilia with black brows and blonde hair is my favorite look.  The only peeve I do have with this skin is the hand shading is a bit overdone, her hands look dirty.  Other than that, this skin is perfect.  One skintone with one set of eyeshadow & 15 lipsticks will run you $L1615!  This is how it breaks down…  A set of eyeshadow contain 5 tats for $L300 each and the 15 lipsticks cost $L325.  A single skin pack costs $L990 and contains 2 pubic pantie layers, a cleavage undershirt, 3 brow colors: red, black and blonde with a bald or hairbase version of each, plus an alpha layer with teeth.  The fatpack of all 36 skins costs $L4500.  Congrats Kira Ahn on this sensational new skinline!

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