AMD’s Ziyi Has A Sexy New Bod!

I’m wearing Ziyi, the newest face at AMD!

If you’re a member of the Applisious VIP Group you will find the base skin for FREE in the notice history!  There is a $L500 fee to join this group but the gifts are always wonderful.  Copy/paste the link into local chat, pay the fee to join this group:  secondlife:///app/group/edb80a4f-35ed-36e8-55e3-df60e5190154/about

Ziyi features both the base skin and the Earthy make up packs, all of which feature the new Generation 2 body style. All previous faces for the Generation 2 skin lines have also been upgraded to this new body style.  Right now there’s a sale going on at AMD.  ALL generation 2 skins have been discounted 25% for one week only, ending July 3rd. Yes! Ziyi is part of the 25% discount! Also, incase you’re wondering… the previous cleavage enhancers are still compatible with the new Generation 2 body style.  It’s not necessary to buy new enhancers.

Truth Hair Nadia w/Color Change Hairband & Bow
Insolence Emily Pink Bra & Pantie
pc Spanish Moss Eyes


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