NEW Entre Mares!

The Hylia is an exciting new evening gown from Entre Mares that will turn heads when you walk into a room.  The bodice is cut extremely low revealing your nipples!  This will definitely get his attention unless you’re wearig a nude bra like me.  The combination flexi/scuplted skirt works really well, giving the dress a unique look and lots of fluid movement.  I like the opening in front that showcases your sexy gams. This dress is HOT!

NEW CheerNo Femme Emilia Tan DB w/Tattoo Lipstick 4
Vita’s Boudoir Sugarplum Coiffure in Platinum w/Flowers & Netting
Hudson’s Glossy Blue Violet Eyes
NEW MOOD Dakhla Set w/HUD for ColorChanging Gems & Metals @ the Accessory Fair
NEW [Gos]Pimp Your Pumps Platforms w/HUD for ColorChange
Garden Of Dreams Skybox Roman Bath


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