NEW Gwen Carillon!

The Water Lily is a new creation from GCD that has a magical presentation.  The ethereal flexi skirts are like a bouquet of beautiful flowers unfurling their petals.  The gown floats around your body like a wispy cloud.  The Water Lily has a flowered bottom skirt that is absolutely dazzling with it’s volumes of chiffon and taffeta.

There’s also a tiered slim skirt and a flowered skirt that can be worn together or alone, and a short mini that can be layered with a babydoll skirt.  There’s so many different ways to wear this ensemble, you’ll have fun mixing and matching the pieces.

NEW Curio GP Acorn Light Airhead Tease2
Truth Hair Farrah in Sand
LAQ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Donna Flora EVA in Turquoise
CCD Long Prim Nails w/Ring in White
Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren in Turquoise
Poses By Exposeur
Photographed at Crommhold

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