NEW Hair From Truth, Me & Magika!

The new releases at Truth are always spectacular, I look forward to reviewing them every week.  Jordan is pulled back like an updo with the long loose ends draping down the back.  This hair features a wig for streaking and will show your jewelry nicely.

Zaria is pulled up on the left side, exposing your ear, and pinned in the back.  The rest of the hair drapes down your back.  This pretty hairstyle comes with 2 different bang options, split attachment points and a wig for streaking.

Bree is another hairstyle pulled up on all sides but this time it’s draping over the left shoulder. This hairstyle comes with split attachment points and a wig for streaking.

Lacey is a very pretty long wavy style that drapes down the back and over both shoulders.  This hairstyle features a color change hairband, a wig for streaking and split attachment points.

ME is a new hair store for me in sl.  I was sent the next 2 hairs for review and I really like them both.  Kara is a medium long length with thick bangs that comes with a HUD for color change and streaking.

Jacqui is another hairstyle from ME that also includes a HUD for color changing and streaking. This is a short cut with a forelock over the right eye.

This last hair I purchased from Magika, it wasn’t sent to me for review like the rest of the hair in this post. Luna is a long hairstyle that flows over both shoulders and down the back.  This wig comes with a HUD for color changing the hair and hairband, split attachment points and a mirror version, which I thought was a really cool concept.

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