I’m wearing the new ALVA skin from Mallory Cowen at LAQ!

ALVA is definitely a yummy skin. She has a clear and glowing complexion with a refined brow.  I love the variety of lipsticks on the lucscious heart-shaped lips.  The pale pink lipstick on makeup 2 is perfect for summer.  Like all LAQ skins, ALVA has a perfect body and costs 990L or $4.00 for 5 skins. 

I like the new eyebrow tattoos, especially the price of $L175 for all 3 colors.  The old brows, which are still available, cost $L350 each color.  The old brow folder contains a single eyebrow, a hairbase and a combination brow and hairbase.  The new eyebrows are very delicate and nicely drawn, although the color on the old red brows is better.  If you already own the old brows I wouldn’t buy these.

Truth Hair Riley w/Color Change Headband
NEW Aphotic Gloom Clarus Eyes in Pumpkin Pie’
NEW Katat0nik GG Strawberry Sailor Bikini


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