Happy Birthday Irischka!

If you’re part of the Iren VIP Group then you’ve already been to the shop to pick up the 10 Iren Birthday Dresses. Even if you’re not part of the group, the pink dress is a FREEBIE for everyone to celebrate Irischka Hotshot’s birthday. There’s a $L99 fee to join Iren VIP group but the skin gifts alone are worth this cost.  Copy/paste (secondlife:///app/group/b2cfc252-2779-d1e2-cb0f-8c089742d8a2/about) into local chat, click on the link, pay the fee, then tp to the shop to pick up your set of 10 dresses. Taxi to the shop!

Curio GP Acorn Light Summer Wild Strawberries2 w/Cleavage Option 1
NEW Exile Hair GwenRoots in Autumn
NEW Ganked Jewelry Spikes Necklace & Earrings 10L Each!
NEW MOOD Jewelry Sashay Bag & Belt Accessories (belt is color changeable)
NEW Finesmith’s Jewelry SOlid Red Prim Nails 50% Storewide Sale!
NEW Fameless Pornoglasses
NEW N-core Femme Heels

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