Filthy Anie!

I’m wearing Anie, the fresh new face from Filthy Skins!

Anie comes in 6 tones with 7 pretty makeups,  including freckled and non-freckled versions.  The folder also contains a cute shape and 2 enhanced cleavages on the undershirt and tattoo layers.  The makeup palette is a nice assortment of lipstick and eyeshadow.   I love the red lipstick and eyeliner on makeup 5!  Anie has luscious full lips, a pert little nose and a new more natural looking ginger eyebrow.

The skintones are each illustrated really well and have a very realistic glow about them.  Anie has a creamy smooth complexion with nice highlights and shading throughout, especially on her abs and buttocks. Like all Filthy skins, Anie is sold in skintone packs with all 7 makeups costing 1800L or $7.26 each.

NEW Truth Hair Erika w/detachable flower behind the ear
Hudson’s Glossy Blue Violet Eyes
Finesmith’s Jewelry SOlid Blue Prim Nails
Mon Tissu Floral Blue Lingerie


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