IREN’S Nina!

I’m really liking Nina, the stunning new face from IREN.

Nina comes in 5 skintones.  Each skintone includes 3 basic skins with either a light, dark or no eyebrow option.  All the makeups come on the tattoo layer.  You get a light, dark and blonde eyebrow, 12 makeup options, 3 blushes and 2 different cleavages.  Nina has a heart-shaped mouth with luscious plump lips, a refined brow and pert nose.  Irischka Hotshot hit it out of the ballpark with this skin!  All of the tattoo makeups are adorable, I especially like the Mermaid Makeup and the Red Lipsticks.

Nina has a well drawn body with nice shading at the clavicle and abs.  She’s priced very affordably too at 999L ($.402) per skintone.  The only issue I have is the cleavage comes on the tattoo layer only.  I use an older viewer, like so many sl residents, and can only place one tattoo layer at a time.  It’s nice to get both the tattoo layer and clothing layer cleavage.  All in all, this is a gorgeous skin well worth checking out.

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