Truth Hair Extravaganza!

I’ve been a very naughty girl since I haven’t had time to blog TRUTH HAIR in several weeks.  This is my catch-up post to redeem myself with every hairstyle I’ve missed, starting with this weeks new releases.  The sexy Harvest in White costume is a new creation from Fantasia and includes the necklace with feathers and pearls.  This cute outfit has a Thanksgiving flavor to it and only costs $L25 dont miss it! 

The first hair up is Clara.  This very cute side ponytail is pulled into a fashionable pompadour on top with the wavy hair draping over one shoulder and tied into a knot.

Janice is a medium length wavy cut with the hair pulled off the face into another pompadour on top.

Faith is a long thick haircut with the wavy ends cascading down the back and over one shoulder. The hair has a curled forelock in front.

Addison is a long straight shaggy cut with the hair draping down the back and over one shoulder.

Valeska is a short wavy bob with a forelock in front.

Shari is a very charming long straight hair style that drapes the shoulders and back with a forelock.

Petra is a very pretty long wavy ponytail with braids interwoven throughout and a forelock in front.

Delia ia a short wavy style fastened into a bun at the nape of the neck.

Lilia is a long wavy style parted in the middle with the hair cascading over both shoulders and down the back.

Cate is an updo with two secured ponytails fastened with color change hairbands.

Nolene is a ponytail on one side with crimped ends and a forelock.

Nola is a girlish set of ponytails over each ear with crimped ends and a forelock.

Kendall is a very cute long straight style pulled back and off the face with a color change hairband.

Magenta is a thick head of wavy hair parted on the side and cut to the shoulders with a forelock.

Isla is an updo with the hair pulled off the face and fastened into a bun in back.

Tess is a short asymmetrical cut parted on the side with crimped ends.

Marielle is a short straight bob with 2 different wigs in the folder. One wig has shorter bangs than the other.

Luana is a long wavy style parted in the middle. This hair is crimped on the ends and cascades down the back and over both shoulders.

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